Through the Old Burn


Must  have burned decades ago, because the new trees were closing in on making it a real forest again. It sure looked like woodpecker- heaven to me. Those old scarred sentinels were just too good to pass up, so I took a quick reference photo – and here’s a painting of it months later. Problem is, I couldn’t FIND the reference photo, so just painted how it ‘felt’ instead of anything about how it actually ‘looked’. Maybe I was ‘seeing’ instead of just ‘looking’ when I first saw it, because I think I ‘got it’.


This ORIGINAL painting is acrylic on board, 6″ x 9″ and $145 framed. Outside edge of the frame is about 12″ x 15″.

This custom frame has a triple liner and glass. Shipping adds just a bit more depending on your zone. This is the original painting, NOT a print.
Email us for details.

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Larry Eifert

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