One of Virginia’s Best is Now on Kindle

This week I hit the publish button on Kindle and Virginia Eifert now has six of her books on Amazon’s Kindle. Land of the Snowshoe Hare is 326 pages and was first published in 1960. It’s a collection of stories about a single bit of forest and water in northern Wisconsin. The book watches a year pass as she discovers and follows the critters and plants that live there – a delightful read, I think, but then she’s mom.

As with all these Kindle reprints, I’ve added support material. I found  and added a research notebook she put together in 1950 when she first began her study of this beautiful place, and there are photos, a journal about what she saw and where she went. Yes, I’m in the journal, too, seeing my first rainbow at age three over a swampy marsh with loons and overhanging pines.

Who’s Virginia? She published 20 books for Dodd Mead in New York as well as hundreds of essays and smaller publications for the Illinois State Museum, Audubon, Nature magazine and others.

Next up? I’m thinking about her ‘Essays on Nature’ that was first published by the museum after her death in 1966. Stay tuned, it’s a great read as all of them are. She was an early environmental force and friends with the likes of Rachael Carson. It’s no surprise how I turned out!

If you’d like a free sample to read, click here for Land of the Snowshoe Hare.

Thanks for reading this week.
Larry Eifert

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