Hoh Rainforest Canopy mural scanned

I sure wouldn’t have scanned this monster myself, but here it is, all 12 gigs of it and 36′ wide.  I started this project back in May of 2015, and finally I’m free of it. Yaaaah. This scan is two of the seven paintings being installed at the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center at Olympic National Park in a couple of months (when they get the road open again after the last high-water).

And here it is against the side of our barn last summer, painted at 70% size (that’s the biggest I can get this media). I painted it rolled up with just the section I was painting on at the time unfurled. Interesting way to go about it. Occasionally I would bring it downstairs and nail it up here to see if it was all fitting. As you can see from the scan at the top, it worked pretty well.  Here’s a progress composite a few months ago.

And here’s the real place, a forest with one of the highest biomass counts on the planet – and one Nancy and I never tire of. It’s been fun painting my local park. I’m sure this installation will last longer than I will.

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Larry Eifert

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