My Artistic Styles

THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE – Different techniques from the same hand

This catalog of examples can be used for determining specifications for contract paintings, murals, wayside exhibits, printed illustrations and other such projects.

Click all of these pictures to see larger versionsCarson-River-mural

Many critters crammed into one image shows an ecosystem in play. Takes some time, but I’ve now painted well over 100 of these elaborate paintings.

Example 1:
Full-color acrylics on paper or board




Used for large museum exhibits, outdoor wayside panels or any project that requires realisitic detail.

Example 2;
Straight Watercolor – High color

Many hundreds of Eifert original paintings are this style. Dramatic color and high contrast make for a colorful image. Best for small panels, book illustration and printed materials.

Example 3:
Watercolor Wash – India Ink

Subtle colors and lots of ink detail make this style great for small prints and interpret panels. Great for wayside panels or publications. Cheaper to produce than #1.

Example 4:
India Ink with fine detail

Eifert_Red_Alder_leaves_fruit Two_nutcrackers_in_pine
Great for interpretive panels, book and article illustration and nature guides, this style emulates the old scratchboard of artists from the 1950’s, when I was influenced by Francis Lee Jacques and others. It’s a classic style and fun to do.

Pencil and Watercolor Wash

I use this for my 48 North monthly magazine page, now going for over five years. Enhanced pencil with watercolor makes for crisp illustrations.