Interpretive Panels and Exhibits

  1. Underwater Restoration and Environmental Wayside Panels
  2. Reelfoot Wildlife Refuge
  3. Necedah National Wildlife Refuge
  4. Cache River National Wildlife Refuge
  5. Polks Nature Discovery Center, Florida
  6. Denver International Airport
  7. Fortynine Palms
  8. Twentynine Palms
  9. Feiro Marine Life Center
  10. Olympic National Park Sol Duc Valley
  11. Samuel P. Taylor State Park

This page is a little introduction of the way our art is used for both panels AND products for sale.

Several examples will help explain how this works.

Example one: Badlands National Park commissioned me to paint this exhibit for their visitor center near Interior, South Dakota. Funding for this was donated by the Badlands Natural History Association. For most artists or interpretive companies, this would be the end of it, but not for us.

I found this nice photo on this young lady’s blog about her trip to Badlands. Someday she’ll email me. I just know it. She said she ‘admired the mural’.

Soon after the painting’s installation, we designed and printed products that the bookstore sold and the association wholesaled. Posters, jigsaw puzzles and cards were developed. Extra interpretive posters were printed for the rangers to use for educational purposes.

Eifert_Puzzle_BadlandsNow, a new puzzle box design is continuing this program into the future. This entire project has dramatically increased the Interpretive Associations sales, and has more than paid back the original investment of the painting.



We’ve developed this program for many of the park paintings I created, handling all phases of product production, from scanning to image design and development, to handling all the printing and shipping.

We broker our printing to some of the finest wholesale commercial printers in the country, and use a high-quality fabricator for our custom-designed panel bases. Do we sounds like a big company? We’re not, we’re simply two artists in love with nature and have learned how to make the commercial side of this process as easy as possible for our clients. More information and questions? Just email us here.

Example Two: Muir Woods National Monument. I was commissioned for eight paintings for interpretive panels around the main trail boardwalk loop, possibly the most heavily-used redwood experience in the country. Here are two:



This time, the painting above was chosen for the products, and this time, an entire line was created for sale in the visitor center.  Jigsaw puzzles, posters, an entire line of products came from this single image.

Eifert_Pano_Muir_Woods_box Eifert_jigsaw_Muir_Woods_kids_puzzle_pieces_banner


Similar programs have been created in Kenai Fjords NP, Mount Rainier NP, Redwood NP, Humboldt Redwoods SP, Red Rock Canyon NRA, Lassen Volcanic NP, and many more.

* But how do I work with the National Park Service or other institutions? Please click here to see endorsement letters I feel proud to pass around.

Endorsement Letter from California State Parks

Endorsement Letter from Olympic National Park

We have more, but it gets embarrassing.

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