Denver International Airport

Painting of Cliff Palace – Mesa Verde National Park

A commissioned mural for the Mesa Verde Restaurant, Denver International Airport, Concourse A.This project also included over 2000 sq feet of faux old adobe walls, hanging wooden ceiling and beams, and lots of little details.

I have created very few ‘commercial’ projects like this. The only reason I got involved was that I had already painted a big mural for Mesa Verde National Park, so the connection was easy. What was not easy was living behind security lines in the airport for six weeks. All materials, from the paint to cement, ceiling tile and wood had to be xrayed to get it in. Tools could not be put down on the outside for fear terriorists might steal them. No, I’m not kidding.

Size: 6 x 25 feet. Painting by Larry Eifert, 2004
Paint: Nova Acrylic on canvas

Plus, all wall coverings, hangings and faux adobe bricks.

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