Samuel P. Taylor State Park

Samuel P. Taylor State Park Interpretive Panel Installations
Marin County California

Art and design by Larry Eifert.
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These are all trail-side panels, showing about half of the total. Like an art gallery in the redwoods. Most are 18″ x 24″ except the bottom panel which is 20″ x 40″.

Eifert_Taylor_01_Giants Eifert_Taylor_02_Redwood_St Eifert_Taylor_02_Watering_R Eifert_Taylor_03_Fire Eifert_Taylor_04_Hotel Eifert_Taylor_06_Redwood_su Eifert_Taylor_07_Dam Eifert_Taylor_07_Railroad Eifert_Taylor_08_Papermills Eifert_Taylor_09_Factory Eifert_Taylor_Map
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