Murals and Public Art

Environmental and Habitat Murals

Use the menu on the right to access more complete albums. Many large-scale murals have been commissinoed by the National Park Service,  The US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, California State Parks – The Land Trust – USDA Forest Service and many other organizations and institutions.


PLEASE NOTE: This website only shows a fraction of what we have available or can print on demand. Want a poster, high-quality print of your favorite Eifert mural, just ask.
Necedah National Wildlife Refuge – Necedah, Wisconsin (total of 138′ long – wraps behind exhibits on both walls)
Mount Rainier National Park mural installation
90′ x 12′ mural of Mojave Desert. City of Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree National Park
Old-growth Forests mural for Eureka California Discovery Museum
Bethlayne Hansen
City of Portland, Oregon for the Powell Butte Visitor Center – Portland from 16,000 feet
Elwha River Nearshore mural for the Feiro Marine Center, Olympic National Park and Port Angeles
Denver International Airport, mural and all faux adobe wall treatments. Joint venture with Mesa Verde National Park Association and Quiznos Corp.
Polks Nature Center – Lakeland Florida 24′ x 8′ mural of four habitats
Whitebark Pines in Yellowstone, an ecosystem in trouble.
Whitebark Pines in Yellowstone National Park, commission by Crater Lake Institute
Prismatic Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, a commission by Crater Lake Institute