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See the Eifert Gallery page in Ferndale, California. While it was my fourth gallery, it was by far the most important to me.
Patrons of the Arts – and Me: Tribute to the Radanovich Sisters in Ferndale, California
Ferndale Viola Russ McBride Collection
Arthur Ayre Print Collection
Ferndale Laloli Collection
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The oldest painting in our web collection.

Among the earliest paintings someone else owns: From the collection of Carol Newlin Armstrong

Dated and pencil signed May 1, 1963.

Carol writes:

What an absolute shock to discover your web site ,,,,,,

You have a link on your site “older work”………the above painting may qualify as amongst the oldest.

The back of the painting you gave me has penciled on it in cursive “Larry Eifert, May 1, 1963.”  I have a strong memory of asking my mother years ago if she knew of your whereabouts.  She told me she had “heard” that you had gone to Canada and had passed away.

Larry responds: Yeh, well I didn’t, at least not in the physical sense. And yes, this is by far the oldest painting of mine I’ve seen in decades. Took me awhile to even remember it, and who was that guy anyway? I remember it as from a drawing class someplace, junior year of High School.

Thanks, Carol, and it’s great to hear from you.

From Sue Neumann – Shaw House fence, June 1975








From Steve Saxby Heritage House, Mendocino, 1983


From the collection of Stan Tharp
#36181 Woods Trail 16 X 22 May 1983

Stan wrote:A section of your website indicates youre interested in hearing from people who own your original artworks. Ive been an art collector for more than 40 years, and have amassed an impressive and diverse amount of art.In my collection, I have an original L. N. Eifert, opaque watercolor, entitled: Woods Trail. The painting is signed (lower left) and dated 1983. The image size is 16 X 22 and the matted, under-glass and framed size is 24.50 X 30.50. Photos of the artwork are attached.Its a treasured water color, and a welcomed addition to my collection.


From Bill Wilson – 1979
Finch and Berries

I’ve lost track of who sent this. Let me know please. 1988


Crescent City Lighthouse

Opaque watercolor and possibly some India ink.

Painted on location in Crescent City California on watercolor paper. Size, approx 16″x20″

Painted around 1976 to 1978.


Crosby Lane above Ferndale CA

Opaque watercolor on archival matboard.For many years, my gallery and home was below in the valley. I really learned to paint here, coming up this hill often. Size, approx 16″x36″About 1980.


Black-tailed Deer in Redwood National Park

Opaque watercolor.Redwoods came hard for me to learn to paint. One of my mentors, Francis Lee Jacque, drew a similar scene on inkboard, and i destinctively remember having it in my head as an influence for the painting. Size, approx 16″x20″About 1980


Egrets in Ferndale

Opaque watercolor on archival matboard.This low area always filled with water in winter, and it attracted many birds. One year, a golden-winged warbler from the East Coast arrived and Ferndale made lots of money showing off its warbler to tourists. After 3 weeks, the farmer shot it and fed the famous bird to his cat. And ask me why I’m not still in Ferndale. Size, approx 16″x20″About 1980



Opaque watercolor on archival matboard.Painted on location below the bridge, the only highway access to Ferndale. I loved this bridge, and fought (with others) to defend it against removal by the state of California. Size, approx 16″x20″About 1979.


The Shirley S in Eureka

Transparent watercolor and possibly some India ink.Painted on location in Eureka California on watercolor paper. Size, approx 12″x18″This is really a historic painting. Gone now is the big LP  pulp mill, spewing smoke in the background. Across the channel is now a big plastic marina filled with plastic boats.Probably around 1975



Mill Creek, Redwood National Park

Opaque watercolor on matboard. 36″ x 36″ (view is cropped)

This was the first big park commission, and a turning point for me in my painting career. I was paid $850 for it and signed away the copyrights! I don’t regret a minute of it as it turned my eyes to other park projects across the country.

About 1980


Smith River

Acrylic on Masonite, 4’x7′. This mural hangs in the main office of the 6-Rivers National Forest in Eureka CA. This was one of the largest murals I ever painted in Northern California.

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