Larry Eifert

A Painter of American Wilderness, Larry Eifert has more art in parks and refuges than any other artist.

Large Exhibit PaintingsNecedah-installation

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, Wisconsin – showing a section of 138 feet of murals.

National Park Visitor Center Installations

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington installation of old-growth forests mural at Ohanopoch Visitor Center.

Easel Paintings and  What’s Currently Available

12" x 15" framed That Sunset Hikel $145 framed
12″ x 15″ framed That Sunset Hikel

12" x 15" framed sold
12″ x 15″ framed Red-breasted Nuthatch in the Wild Cherry

12" x 15" framed Kinglet in Cherry $145 framed
12″ x 15″ framed Kinglet in Cherry

12" x 15" framed sold
12″ x 15″ framed Top of Our Hill

  Outdoor Wayside Exhibits

Muir Woods National Monument, California

Jigsaw puzzles from the murals. See more in our web store.


Published Stories, Books and  More

2013-8-Chum-Salmon 2014-9-Puget-Sound-Rockfish
2014-6-Harbor-seal-pups 2014-5-Ratfish

Land Trust and Friends Groups Installations

Large 32″ X 42″ wayside panel in old-growth forest, Whidbey Island Land Trust, Washington

Smaller Trail-side Panels

Smaller trail-side panels, Samuel Taylor State Park, California

Mural catalog overview of paintings and public installations


Whitebark Pines in Peril – a commission by the Crater Lake Institute and widely used in many interpretive and teaching venues.

Many projects have been developed for environmental issues.

 Over 80 images have been used on JIGSAW PUZZLES, posters, journals, cards and books.

See what’s available in our store.


The artist and the alpine, a place this guy’s addicted to like a drug. One piece of a much larger visitor center mural for the Schulman Grove of Bristlecone Pines, oldest trees on the planet.


 The Nature Conservancy has also commissioned Eifert for many paintings in Utah, Nevada and Alaska.

There’s stuff here from a distant past, too. This guy doesn’t look like this anymore.


And much more here of a suffering-artist’s life painting nature.  See all this and much more here, so continue by exploring the menus. Thanks for visiting.